What goes around comes around

“Baaammmm…” was the huge noise that was heard when our car hit a black SX-4 while zigzagging in Chennai traffic. This happened a few years ago near a Chennai suburb called Padi. I was acting consultant to a large car component manufacturer. Alongside with me was a professor of mine who was also consulting with this company. He had invited me to give a talk to a bunch of trainee engineers and senior management.

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3 Steps to Alleviate All Your Worries

I hit upon a key insight when I replied to a mail after a recent community session. The session was on how to attain high productivity in life and work. This is the link I got from Venkat about an article on how one never runs short of time, if one has the purpose figured out. In there was an anecdote from “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”.

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