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DONE Ask parvathi about expanse

DONE Ask parvathi about second part of dune part one

DONE invite parvathi to a session to profile one of her books

TODO Books n stuff podcast: S2E06: Part 1 of Dune Part 1 with Parvathi Ramkumar Project

DONE Watch Dune Part 1

  • opening spice narration
  • Chani narrating - Jamis aiming the gun at Harkonnens

DONE Lune: Books n Stuff Podcast Recording - Dune

<2023-04-21 Fri 16:00>–<2023-04-21 Fri 17:00>

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DRAFT Books n Stuff Podcast: S2 Episode 06 - Dune Part One with Parvathi Ramkumar @Learningpodcastbooks

Welcome to the Books n Stuff Podcast.

Diving into the Dunes: A Spirited Book-to-Movie Discussion with Bala and Parvathi

In this episode of the ‘Books and Stuff’ podcast, hosts Bala Ramadurai and Parvathi Ramkumar dive deep into the vast universe of ‘Dune’. From comparing notes on the film and the iconic book series, to unravelling the complex world of interstellar politics and economics, no stone is left unturned. They offer intriguing insights into the key characters, dissect pivotal scenes, and dive into the labyrinthine plot intricacies. The detailed discussion serves up a unique blend of humor, passion, and animated debates. Tune in as Bala and Parvathi embark on this exciting journey across the mystifying dunes, all set to continue in a follow-up episode. Got book recommendations or Dune theories of your own? They want to hear them all, so don’t forget to share!

Enjoy the Books and Stuff Podcast!

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