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Smthngs r gd

I came across this wonderful personal productivity software called smthngs. What struck me as something very exotic is the minimalist design. Black and white and as promised, no manual needed to work with the software.

This software is based on getting things done (GTD) principles. Smthngs has most of the features that other websites like remember the milk (

Some common features between RTM and smthngs are:

  1. tags
  2. clean interface
  3. archiving completed tasks

Where Smthngs really scores:

  1. Conversion of tasks into projects and vice-versa at a click of a button
  2. Sub projects, sub-sub projects
  3. User interface is cuter when you choose to have sub projects
  4. Next Action, Someday, today tabs
  5. All on one screen
  6. Online, offline switch automatically
  7. tag explorer is also nice
  8. Drag and drop for anything imaginable, very intuitive.
  9. Location feature works (can detect location well)

Remember the milk has these features which can be the wish list for Smthngs

  1. Twitter, email, google calendar, gmail addons
  2. Mobile web interface
  3. Works on all standard browsers
  4. Fun stuff like Bob T Monkey and name like Remember the Milk (Its a cult, c’mon)
  5. Email, twitter, mobile reminders
  6. iPhone, blackberry, iPad apps (well, Pro version has this but, it is there never the same)
  7. Chrome extension (Chrome app exists for Smthngs)

Overall, Smthngs has a few vowels missing and a few features that can be added, but I am in love with the version they have right now. Do tell me if you have used RTM and are itching to try Smthngs or the other way round. I would like to hear your views.

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