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Dropbox for Nokia - Simplify your Nokia Life!


After several weeks of search for a decent app for Dropbox (storage for the cloud) on my outdated, outclassed, neglected Symbian Nokia E52 smartphone (Yes, fellas, it is a smartphone, even though it doesn’t have Android or iOS on it), I hit upon the right solution. Ok, let me backtrack a bit and describe to you my system of storage and how I want to carry my world with me- Here it is. What I have now is my “smartphone” doubling up as my USB device, since I thought that if I had a reliable Nokia Dropbox app, that would make syncing a breeze.

Dropian was where I started out. Nice interface, but doesn’t preserve the folder structure when you download files. Drops60 worked well in preserving the folder structure but has one limitation (and apparently, it is a limitation that the Dropbox API imposes) that the app cannot do a directory/folder recursion while syncing. So, you have to manually browse to every folder to sync everything. Bummer!!

What I want is for all the folders that are on my dropbox folder to be present on my Nokia phone. Then, I started looking for a portable Dropbox application that will run once I stick my phone into the desktop as a memory device (2nd best option to recursive syncing, but hey it works!). I found DropboxPortableAHK as the answer. Once you go thru the wizard and installation on your storage device, the portable dropbox actually runs as a different instance of Dropbox desktop app and syncs with your USB device. I gave it a different color (Yes, you can configure different colors for different USB devices).

Right now, my digital/portable life is split into - creation and storage. Creation happens using Google Drive and storage using dropbox.

My next search is for syncing dropbox and google drive or a portable sync for Google Drive! Wish me luck!

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