White Walls - Star Trek TOS fanfic screenplay - Chapter 1


“These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise”. These words shaped much of my growing up, when I watched Captain James Kirk take on adversary after adversary and win over challenging situations. As a tribute to the magnificent series which has had so many spin-offs and movies, I wrote a fan fiction screenplay of what might be one episode of the Star Trek show. I’ll publish the entire screenplay chapter by chapter. Enjoy!

Disclaimer - Star Trek and all related marks, logos and characters are solely owned by CBS Studios Inc. This fan fiction screenplay is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with CBS, Paramount Pictures, or any other Star Trek franchise, and is a non-commercial fan-made screenplay intended for recreational use. Feel free to use this screenplay as you see fit. No alleged independent rights will be asserted against CBS or Paramount Pictures. (This disclaimer is a modified clause from https://www.startrekcontinues.com)

The entire series is here - https://balaramadurai.net/series/white-walls

Here’s the screenplay:

Title: White Walls
version: 2.0
credit: Screenplay by
author: Bala Ramadurai
format: screenplay
source: Story by Bala Ramadurai
Edited by: Anita Nagarajan
contact: bala@balaramadurai.net

# Chapter 1


We see a starship with a giant disc and a blob on top. The disc is connected to a large tube. This large tube is connected to the two cylindrical objects which are the two engines of the starship, USS Enterprise, NCC 1701. The ship seems to be careening fast through space.

Captain's log: Stardate 5971.4. We were on course to Starbase 9 for a much needed shore leave. However, we received a distress call from the fourth planet - Caperna IV of the Caperna star system. The United Federation of Planets had tried and failed in their efforts to make them part of the Federation. The USS Enterprise was proceeding towards the planet at maximum warp.

We see the bridge of the ship. The ship is on red alert - sirens blaring, red lights flashing and red-shirt security personnel on guard near the elevator doors. Capt. JAMES KIRK is sitting on the Captain's chair, with a grim expression on his face. SPOCK is hunching over his console and looking through a magnifying gadget to help him see the readouts up close. Also seen are Lieutenant HIKARI SULU, Lieutenant PAVEL CHEKHOV, Lieutenant UHURA, Chief Engineer MONTGOMERY SCOTT and Science Officer and First Officer, SPOCK.

Long range scan of the planet. Class M planet, Nitrogen Oxygen atmosphere. Mass very similar to earth... Fascinating!

  What's it, Science Officer?

A billion or so inhabitants on the planet, but no sign of movement. Other planets of similar mass usually have well developed transportation systems and movement of life forms from one place to another.

Are there humanoids?

Affirmative, Captain.

Perhaps they use the energy beam transporter?

Negative, Captain. They are still stage four on the industrial scale. They have not yet reached a stage for such advanced transportation. No mechanization or movement of any sort on this planet. The technology that one would expect to find on a similar planet is missing.

How about animals or other creatures?

Fauna seem to be moving, but outside of the city walls. Caperna IV has several well developed and densely populated cities.

Any malfunction in the sensors?

Mister Spock pushes several calibration switches. Beeps and whirrs emanate from Mister Spock's computer console.

Negative. They are in proper working order, Captain.

(looking at Helmsman Sulu)
How much time to reach orbit, Mister Sulu?

(glancing at the counter on his console)
10 minutes to establishing a standard orbit, Sir.

(Looking behind to his left at his Chief Engineer)
Scotty, do we have maximum warp?

(Signing off his logbook and handing it to another red-shirt gentleman, in a thick Scottish accent)
She's running as fast as she can, Captain. But I can get a wee bit more than warp 8.

(Rotating his chair to look at his communications officer)
Lieutenant Uhura, have you tried raising the source of the call?

(taking off her ear piece)
Sir, I have the high command of the planet.

Put them on visual, Lieutenant.

The screen of the starship shows a blue green planet at a distance. At the captain's orders, the screen now shows a young woman wearing a white robe, white headgear and a stern face. There are two other women with similar attire, but without the headgear.

This is Captain James Kirk of the USS Enterprise, from the United Federation of Planets. We received a distress call from this location and ...

This is Slotta, the High Command of Caperna IV. This is a classified research station and is out of bounds for Federation starships. Refrain from orbiting this planet or else I will have to alert your High Command to get you evicted.

This is some reception! Ma'am, believe me, we are not interested in your planetary affairs. We are proceeding towards your planet because of the distress call. All Federation starships have a duty to respond to distress calls first, Federation or not. We dropped everything to...

(raising her voice)
You are not the first starship to use that pretext to steal our highly sensitive research knowledge. There is no such log of a distress call from this planet. I want you out of here in 5 earth minutes or I will destroy your ship.

(clenching his fists)
Farewell, Ma'am. We are changing course now. Kirk out.

(now directly looking at Lieutenant CHEKHOV)
Mister Chekhov, please plot a course for Star Base nine.

(while looking straight ahead)
Course laid in, Sir. Ready to change course.

Captain's personal console whistles.

Sick Bay to Captain Kirk.

(punching the intercom button with a closed fist)
What's it, Bones?

You better come down here. It's urgent!

On my way. Kirk out.

Standby, Mister Chekhov. Mister Spock, you have the con.

Captain Kirk walks into the Sick Bay, where Dr. McCoy is busy gazing at his communication screen.

What is it, Bones? Who is this? She looks like Slotta, the high command of Caperna IV.

No, Jim. She's not Slotta. This is a personal distress call I received from the planet. This is Joanna, my daughter.
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