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Books and Stuff Podcast - Episode 9 - How to invest the Warren Buffett way


Welcome to the Books and Stuff Podcast Series.

Books and Stuff Podcast series - Earning and learning seem to distinct spheres of life. However, Warren Buffett through his investing has shown us all that they needn’t be separate things, in fact, Bala and Krishna believe that they are one and the same. But how does one learn about earning?

The book The Warren Buffett Way written by Robert Hagstrom points out the 4 mined from the billionaire investor’s life long learning, er… earning, er… investing journey. (These questions are our own interpretations of Hagstrom’s explanations)

  1. Business Tenet - Do you understand how the business makes money? If you were the chief of the company, would you know how to make money?
  2. Management Tenet - Do you know how the people run the business? Do you know who the leadership is? What is their unique management style?
  3. Financial Tenet - After crunching numbers, are you able to understand if the business has indeed been profitable?
  4. Value Tenet - Is the stock available at a discount from its projected value? How do you project value?

Enjoy the Books and Stuff Podcast!

The Warren Buffett Way

Here is the podcast that we recorded. Enjoy the podcast!

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A big shout-out to Anita Nagarajan for her help with editing the text, and lending her voice for the intro and the sign-off of the podcast.

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