Thirukkural - 223


My 10-year old and I have been reading one kural a day (from Thirukkural, a set of poems about life) for almost 200 days running now. Some very interesting stories and discussions have come out of that. I am sharing some of them with you. Hope you find it useful.

குறள் 223:

இலனென்னும் எவ்வம் உரையாமை ஈதல்

குலனுடையான் கண்ணே யுள.

Me: “Thiruvalluvar in kural #223 says that you should never say ‘I’ve nothing’, particularly when someone asks for help.”

10-year-old: “When I have 3 pencils and 2 kids have already borrowed 2 pencils. I have nothing, but my own, to give away. What do I do?”

Me: “Recall what they tell you in an airplane. Put on an oxygen mask yourself before helping others. Why do they tell you to do that?”

10-year-old: “If I wear my mask first, then I will be fit enough to help the next person. I may even proceed to help another person after that.”

The entire series is here -

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