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How to write a novel-Step-1-Write a one-liner novel


So, you want to write a novel?

In this series, I’ll detail out my process of writing a novel. How I converted a simple idea into 70,000 (Scrabble Queen) and 80,000 (Penniless) word manuscripts?

I will use my latest writing project Bhumiyin Kathai (Bhumi’s story) as an example, so that it can serve as an inspiration for you. (Totally selfish reasons, while trying to explain stuff to you, I am getting the motivation to complete outlining the story 😁)

I am writing this story (eventually as a screenplay) to serve as a backdrop and an interest creator for this course -

Right, back to novel writing.

Where to start?

Step 1
Write the story in one line.

For Bhumiyin Kathai:

An indecisive and scheming literature student from a village helps all her siblings become artists by learning to make apps.

Nothing more fancy than that. Write the story in just one line.

You can find more examples in my earlier post -

The points to remember are from that post:

What are the elements that go into making a good logline or one-liner?

Main character
Who is the central character? (age, gender and location)
What role do they take on?
What is a problem that they have to solve?
How does the story end? (optional)

If you need my help looking over your novel or screenplay or any of the stuff I mention in this post, please do reach out to me at

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