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How to incorporate handwritten notes into Emacs Orgmode


This is the video I made for the Emacs conference 2022 on my own experiences with trying to include handwritten notes in to my workflow.

Special thanks to the organizers of the Emacs conference for giving me the opportunity to present my experiences with a really old, but rock solid and awesome software. As they say, I wish Emacs had a text editor too!

Abstract of my talk:

Research suggests that note taking is most effective when done by hand. Yes, handwritten notes. Certainly, typewritten or typed out notes are more efficient, however notes written by hand are retained by the human brain much longer.

Integrating handwritten notes into a computer leaned productivity workflow is tricky. Also, in terms of hardware, if all you have is a smartphone, then we need to deal with the situation a bit differently.

This talk will introduce to you a simple system to integrate handwritten notes into your org-mode (Emacs) based productivity workflow.

Gist of the problem of dealing with handwritten notes Advantages of handwritten notes Emacs org mode workflow Option 1: Hardware for handwriting not available Option 2: Hardware for handwriting available

Also, the official site of the talk is here:

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