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Books n Stuff Podcast: S2 Episode 03 - Scarecrow Chronicles-Written and read by Pathik Mitra


Welcome to the Books n Stuff Podcast.

Imagine you have 48 hours in a day and 14 days in a week. What all would you be able to achieve? Without changing your achievements, change the number of hours in a day and days in a week to the usual 24 and 7. Look through your list, you can achieve a lot more than what you think, correct?

This is the kind of thinking that Pathik Mitra seems to have taught himself. He holds an engineering degree and an MBA. He works in a company, has the same duties and responsibilities that each of us has, yet, he’s managed to generate those extra 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week to publish his book and direct several plays.

His secret sauce - he argues with himself using a 1 member WhatsApp group and irons out his ideas when he has to wait in line or wait for boarding a flight. His other succesful idea is to sacrifice sleep.

I spoke to him about his book “Scarecrow chronicles”, in particular and how to nurture your creative life, in general.

He spoke about some of the stories in his anthology, particularly “Roots” and “A1 Jaggery”

Enjoy the Books and Stuff Podcast!

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A big shout-out to Akhilesh for his voice for the intro, Anita Nagarajan for her voice for the sign-off and Parvathi Ramkumar for her Gottuvadhyam adapted rendition of Simon&Garfunkel for the intro music and for Raga Garudadhwani Thyagaraja kriti outro music.

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