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Books n Stuff Podcast: S2 Episode 05 - Meet Author-Editor Dr. Pallavi Narayan


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Hello readers and book enthusiasts! Today, we have an exciting blog post for you based on an intriguing podcast episode. In this episode of the “Books N Stuff Podcast,” we meet Dr. Pallavi Narayan, an author and editor extraordinaire. She joins host Bala to discuss her incredible journey in the world of writing and publishing. So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to be inspired!

The Books N Stuff Podcast:

The “Books N Stuff Podcast” is a haven for book lovers, where they can listen to ardent book enthusiasts, voracious readers, and prolific authors discuss books with passion. Hosted by Bala, who admits to not being an avid reader but loves to engage with people who do, the podcast offers a unique perspective on literature and the world of books.

Meet Dr. Pallavi Narayan - Author and Editor:

In this particular episode, Bala introduces us to Dr. Pallavi Narayan, an author and editor who has made significant contributions to the literary world. Pallavi’s work includes editing the book “Singapore at Home: Life Across Lines” and authoring “Pamuk’s Istanbul: The Self and the City.” She has an impressive repertoire of experience and accomplishments, having worked with publishing houses, universities, and esteemed literary organizations worldwide.

Pallavi’s Writing Journey:

Pallavi takes us on a journey through her life as a writer, sharing how she discovered her passion for writing at a young age. She reflects on her early experiences of writing and editing, mentioning her involvement with publishing houses and universities. Pallavi’s dedication to the craft led her to pursue a doctorate in literature and publish two remarkable books.

Inspiration and Mentors:

Pallavi attributes her success to the inspiration and guidance she has received from various individuals throughout her writing journey. She mentions figures such as Miss Omita Goyal from Routledge, Mr. Barry Clarke from Taylor Francis Singapore, and Mr. Zafar Anjum of Kitaab, and highlights their impact in her life. Pallavi also emphasizes the importance of literary mentorships and mentions the valuable support she has received from organizations like South Asia Speaks.

The list of people who have been an inspiration for Pallavi are: Daniel Watts, Peter Schoppert, Miles Ashwarya, Chiki Sarkar, Eric Valles, Felix Cheong, Daryl Lim, Melizarani Selva, Tse Hao Guang, Shilpa Dikshit Thapliyal, Singapore Writers Festival and South Asia Speaks

Summarizing “Singapore at Home: Life Across Lines”:

During the podcast, Pallavi provides us with a summary of her short story collection, “Singapore at Home: Life Across Lines.” This anthology showcases stories from different perspectives on the concept of home in Singapore. Pallavi emphasizes that the book explores the idea of home beyond physical spaces, delving into the relationships, emotions, and experiences that shape our sense of belonging.

Tips for Aspiring Writers:

Bala prompts Pallavi to share her wisdom with aspiring writers. Pallavi advises starting small, by submitting work to local journals or newspapers. She encourages writers to keep writing, practice different genres, and participate in writing workshops. Pallavi also stresses that writing should come from the heart and that the joy of writing should not be contingent on immediate financial gain.

Bala brings up the topic of social media and its role in a writer’s journey. While acknowledging the benefits of social media for discovering platforms, writers, and literary events, Pallavi also acknowledges the distractions and potential time wastage that can come with it. She shares her personal strategies for managing distractions, such as using the Pomodoro technique, setting goals, and creating dedicated writing time.

Accountability and Community:

Both Bala and Pallavi stress the importance of being part of a writing community for support, guidance, and accountability. They highlight the positive impact of being surrounded by like-minded individuals who share a passion for writing. The Pune Writers Group is mentioned as a community where Pallavi and Bala connected and found inspiration.

Advice for Past Self:

As the podcast nears its conclusion, Bala asks Pallavi what advice she would give her younger self. Pallavi responds by emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself, exploring diverse interests, and not allowing others to define or limit one’s writing journey. She highlights the solace and refuge she has always found in books, regardless of life’s challenges.


The Books N Stuff Podcast episode featuring Dr. Pallavi Narayan showcases the power and joy of writing and the impact it can have on individuals’ lives. Through her own experiences, Pallavi offers invaluable advice to aspiring writers, emphasizing the significance of staying dedicated, being part of a writing community, and letting one’s passion for writing guide the way. Her journey serves as an inspiration to all those who aspire to put pen to paper and share their stories with the world.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into Pallavi’s work, be sure to check out her books, “Singapore at Home: Life Across Lines” and “Pamuk’s Istanbul: The Self and the City.” These captivating reads will transport you to different worlds and leave you with a newfound appreciation for the diverse experiences that shape our lives.

We hope this blog post has piqued your interest in the Books N Stuff Podcast and Pallavi’s remarkable journey. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes and inspiring stories! And remember, books will always be our saviors, opening doors to new worlds and possibilities.

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