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Books n Stuff Podcast: S2 Episode 07 - Wheel of Time with Parvathi Ramkumar


Welcome to the Books n Stuff Podcast.

Deep Dive into The Eye of The World: A Books and Stuff Podcast Episode

In this episode of the Books and Stuff podcast series, Bala Ramadurai converses with Parvathi Ramkumar, a book enthusiast and author, about the famous book series ‘Wheel of Time’. The first book of the 15-part series, ‘The Eye of the World’, is discussed in detail, covering elements from the plot, characters, and themes of the book. Parvathi Ramkumar gives a well-detailed explanation of ‘The Eye of The World’, discussing elements such as characters like Rand al’Thor, the semblance of the book with The Lord of The Rings and Dune series, and changes made in its Amazon series adaptation. The podcast concludes with inviting suggestions for future book discussions from the listeners.

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Here is the podcast that we recorded. Enjoy the podcast!

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