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Charles and his pigeons

It was the year 1837. Charles woke up with the sound of ding-ding. He knew what that was, the pigeons had arrived, at least one of them. He slipped into his robe and slippers and almost jumped the stairs leading him to the yard. He scanned the pigeon holes. About 40 of them in all. Each pigeon hole was meticulously labelled and cleaned overnight to welcome the visitors. Only two of the holes seem to be occupied.

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How to eliminate distractions while writing

Try to eliminate interruptions — by other people, email, your phone, or poking around the Internet — but don’t tell yourself that you can only work with complete peace and quiet.

I loved this point from an article, I read. I thought about how I to achieve this in my schedule.

Easy DND - Do Not Disturb mode. Switch this on and all the unnecessary calls, messages, internet based distractions are all off. Use a pomodoro® technique by using a timer to focus on the (writing) task at hand.

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Books and Stuff Podcast - Episode 1 - Deep Work How to Focus in a Distracted World

Welcome to the Books and Stuff Podcast Series.

Krishna likes to read books, but Bala doesn’t.

Bala likes to write, but Krishna doesn’t.

They both love to talk!

So, Bala and Krishna decided to talk about what Krishna reads.

And thus the idea of recording their chatter was born.

The two friends will discuss books they love.

This series of podcasts is for busy people. People who’d love to learn about a book without having to read one. And maybe the podcast will inspire them to get their hands on a book that interests them.

Feel free to leave your recommendations via social media or in the comments section below.

Enjoy the Books and Stuff Podcast!

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3 Things I Learnt About Meditation

A medium size holy lake presented itself in front of me. Lamas, dressed in maroon and gold, circumambulated the entire lake (about 500 meters in circumference, I’d reckon). A white Gurudwara (place of worship for Sikhs) glistened in the evening setting sky. A tourist bus tried with all its might to keep the journey uphill smooth, up near the caves, where Guru Padmasambhava had climbed on foot centuries ago. A 100+ feet idol of the Guru himself, carved along with his Tantric implements, towered to my left.

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