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Karmic Design Thinking - Part 3 - Defining Structure

To refresh on stuff - Rethinking Design Thinking and What is Karmic Design Thinking were things that I talked about earlier. The broad design of this form of design thinking consists of these four stages: I. People Orientation (or System Orientation) This is the stage in which we acknowledge the deficiencies in the system and try and find out about what is it that people are going through. Or if it is a device or a service, our job is to figure out what is it that this system is doing.

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Karmic Design Thinking - Part 2 - What is it?

The “Aahaa” moment that design thinking is probably much older than only a few decades. That moment came to me when I traveled to an ancient set of Buddhist caves in India. These caves are located in central India and are at least 2000 years old. Ajanta caves, as they are called, were lost to humanity for about 1000 odd years before a British soldier rediscovered the caves in his hunting expedition.

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Karmic Design Thinking - Part 1 - Rethinking Design Thinking

Let me stoke your curiosity. I have an important reason to write this series of posts on Karmic Design Thinking. Please promise that you will be patient. Design is ubiquitous and is all around us. A tree is designed to bear the entire weight of the tree on that one single trunk. Ok, you can really say that, well, design is a conscious process. In my opinion, designs evolve naturally, either by nature or by human intervention.

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