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Solving the assignment vs learning problem - A design thinking case

In the recently concluded Karmic Design Thinking workshop, Sowmya Rajendran and her team worked on an interesting and pressing problem with the students. I invited her to write a guest post on the topic - Assignment vs Learning.

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No, I didn’t always wanted to do that. Title the post with a complicated number. Go ahead and copy this in to your favorite search engine and find out what it is and come back here and read the rest of the article. After that, you will have to figure out how this number is related to Kinderspark, the recently concluded innovation fest for school children conducted by Mahindra & Mahindra. Here is one more thing of intrigue - how is a Marvel superhero related to the whole thing?

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Are students capable of coming out with blockbuster ideas?

The raging debate in our team has been whether students (our team picked out undergraduate engineering students in particular) are capable of generating blockbuster ideas for a thriving business/startup. Before giving you both sides of the coin, I’ll tell you an anecdote about a large company trying to figure out what makes creative minds creative. This large company was really curious to find out the real mechanism which made the creative minds work.

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