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How to attain a mind-like-water status - Weekly Review

I sat at the shore of a lake in the Himalayas, in a place called Rewalsar in Himachal Pradesh. Crystal clear water. No ripples. Birds chirped. Lush green trees dotted the lake. Buddhist monasteries, a Gurudwara 1 and Hindu shrines adorned the small town. Burning lamps and incense gave out a distinct smell that you can associate with places of worship.

A stone plopped on the surface. Then another one, then another one. There were a lot of ripples, with those waves dashing against each other. Then, the stones stopped.

Weekly review is that phase of the lake when the waves reach the shore and the waves slowly die out, leaving the lake waiting for the stones to return. The lake doesn’t hate the stone, but it seems to be enjoying the show.

I first heard, David Allen, the productivity guru, talk about mind-like-water. I remember reading somewhere

A week without review is weak.

We will see how to review your week, so that on Monday, your mind becomes the lake which enjoys the show of stones (tasks) hitting the lake.

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Action Reaction Goals

Isaac Newton postulated the 3 laws of motion. One of them, the second one, introduced the concept of action-reaction. Action equals reaction is what he postulated. But, my thought is that we need to add goals to this to make a meaningful triad to let us live a meaningful life. Here, let me elaborate.

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How to add an extra day to your week

We moved into our current home about a year ago. A nice cozy apartment in a bustling neighborhood. The first challenge we faced at the new place was a stuck entrance door that wouldn’t open. When we had first seen the house, the person who had shown us around hadn’t faced any such problem (as far as my limited working memory could recollect). A bit frustrated at not being able to enter the apartment, I called up the landlord.

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How did I plan my year to achieve my set goals?

Miniature view of Shanghai City - My metaphor for planning your goal Flat tyre and Goals My simple goal was to get back home from my vacation at Tarkarli on the Western Coast of India. I filled up my old faithful steed and meandered through the Western Ghats successfully. Although, I love the mountains, I am not very fond of driving on the serpentine, undivided roads. Another 20 kms for my Mooshika (my steed mentioned earlier has a name, that of a mouse) and me to hit the divided 6-lane motorway.

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How I Set My Goals for 2017

A speeding boat whirred in the Arabian Sea in full tilt. The horizon showed off four or five desolate islands right at the edge of my view from the balcony at a nice cozy resort in Tarkarli, Konkan Beach, Western India. I wanted to see what happened to the speeding boat. Did it stop or did it continue at the same speed? These questions become important when you are on a holiday doing nothing.

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