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Open Source

My First Contribution to the Open Source Community

My first contribution to the open source community. Hurrah!

My website is running on Hugo’s humongous efforts and I thought I’d do my little part by contributing to this community (like the little chipmunk in the Ramayana).

Hugo-Travelify-Theme is the Hugo version of the Wordpress theme, Travelify (Check out the Wordpress version of this theme at The source code was adapted from digitalcraftsman’s Icarus theme with a few changes for additional features (Even this README is a fork from his original README :)).

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How To Get Your Own Spanking New Cloud

Friday evening, end of the day. Chaos reigned my house. My seven year old waited for me to get off my computer for him to watch his favourite cartoons. He nudged my shoulder and indicated the time for me to get off my rear. After the nudge, I admit it, I did feel his jab in my rib cage a second or two later. But one tends to ignore these things with age and experience.

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TRIZ Case Studies

The mood was tense. Will they show up or not show up? What if nobody showed up? All the advance we paid the hotel guy would go down the drain. Prakash looked at me. He had forgotten that we were in the middle of a lovely park in Bangalore. Looked like he even forgot about the fact that I was supposed to be baby sitting my 2.5 year old. I felt my pulse race as my mind accessed a folder called “Tense jaw dropping moments”.

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