Attaining Innovation Nirvana through Karmic Design Thinking

Indian thinking, western philosophy - This is how a colleague of mine, Prof. Mukul Joshi, from FORE management school, New Delhi, described my treatment of design thinking ( He invited me to give a talk to the students of FORE management school located in New Delhi about this topic. I was not sure if I would use the same phrase to describe Design Thinking. This is a philosophy, yes. This is a way of thinking, yes. But, can we attribute a certain geography to these? I wasn’t sure.

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My talk at Emacsconf2020: Idea to Novel Superstructure: Emacs for Writing

What can help you organize your life? What can help you write code? What can help you with managing your email? What can help you write novels? Can we answer all these question with one answer? Yes, you can and the answer is emacs. Oh yeah, it is also a text editor, there’s that too! Every year, we at the emacs community celebrate this text editor and share what unique things we have done with this editor. I was fortunate to give a talk at the conference on the topic “Idea to Novel Superstructure: Emacs for Writing”. Enjoy!

The conference website is here:

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Design Thinking Faculty Development Program organized by MNIT, Jaipur

How do I conduct a workshop for over 100 professors from all over India? Added to the complication is the fact that this was an online workshop. I will not be able to meet them face to face. From the audience standpoint, how are they going to remain engaged to a person so far away, physically, in a subject, they probably barely heard about? Well, all my fears about keeping them engaged dissipated from my first question to the audience itself. Where are you logging in from? This one question kick started our conversation. Thanks largely to the enthusiasm and energy of the 100+ professors, by the time the session ended, we were virtually in tears. I learnt so much from them when we ended our 4th session together the next day. Thanks to Prof. Harlal Singh Mali and his team from Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur for his tireless efforts in arranging this workshop.

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Design Thinking Workshop at a UNESCO World Heritage Site

UNESCO World Heritage Site reminds you of Italian monuments or sculptures from some other famous places that you may have been to. Design Thinking Workshop reminds you of a closed room with sticky notes in various colors with people crowding around a chart. What do you get when you combine these two ideas? Design Thinking workshop at a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ellora caves, near Aurangabad. Thanks largely to professors and students from PES College of Engineering, Aurangabad, a Design Thinking workshop at Ellora caves became a reality.

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Karmic Design Thinking - the book is available now

I am very happy to announce to you that the book Karmic Design Thinking is available.

Thank you for your continued support throughout these years.

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GE Global invited talk on Design Thinking: The Zen Way

Dr. Srinivas Chirravuri and Gautam Goenka, are seasoned facilitators from GE Crotonville, the learning bastion of GE. In these times of online meetings and webinars, Dr. Srinivas, or Ch as he prefers to be addressed, and Gautam have thought of a series of enlightening topics. One of the topics they had chosen for such a session was Design Thinking. Ch reached out to me and from the outset, we wanted the talk to be a bit different from other webinars that I had given in the past.

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Ajeenkya D Y Patil University talk on Design Thinking

On 13th Aug, 2020, I interacted with students from the Ajeenkya D Y Patil University, Pune. The talk is part of a Start to Scale talk series to help students scale up their business idea. In my opinion, design thinking will go a long way in helping early stage startups in understanding their customers.

Let me tell you two startup stories: Quick Fire, Slow Burn and Quick Try, Sure Improve.

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Idea to Novel: Write-A-Thon Workshop

Title From an Idea to a Novel: A Write-A-Thon

Subtitle: Develop an idea into a framework for a novel

Venue: Online (Zoom)

Date&Time: Tuesday, Aug 18, 10 am to 4 pm (1-2pm - Lunch break)

Fees: Free (if you request politely, we may you give you a 10% discount :-p)

Workshop Facilitator: Bala Ramadurai

Register here -

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