Books and Stuff Podcast - Episode 1 - Deep Work How to Focus in a Distracted World

Welcome to the Books and Stuff Podcast Series. Krishna likes to read books, but Bala doesn't. Bala likes to write, but Krishna doesn't. They both love to talk! So, Bala and Krishna decided to talk about what Krishna reads. And thus the idea of recording their chatter was born. The two friends will discuss books they love. This series of podcasts is for busy people. People who'd love to learn about a book without having to read one.

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Action Reaction Goals

Isaac Newton postulated the 3 laws of motion. One of them, the second one, introduced the concept of action-reaction. Action equals reaction is what he postulated. But, my thought is that we need to add goals to this to make a meaningful triad to let us live a meaningful life. Here, let me elaborate.

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How to add an extra day to your week

We moved into our current home about a year ago. A nice cozy apartment in a bustling neighborhood. The first challenge we faced at the new place was a stuck entrance door that wouldn’t open. When we had first seen the house, the person who had shown us around hadn’t faced any such problem (as far as my limited working memory could recollect). A bit frustrated at not being able to enter the apartment, I called up the landlord.

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Ths r fw f my fvrt smthngs!

Smthngs r gd

I came across this wonderful personal productivity software called smthngs. What struck me as something very exotic is the minimalist design. Black and white and as promised, no manual needed to work with the software.

This software is based on getting things done (GTD) principles. Smthngs has most of the features that other websites like remember the milk (

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