How To Get Your Own Spanking New Cloud

Friday evening, end of the day. Chaos reigned my house. My seven year old waited for me to get off my computer for him to watch his favourite cartoons. He nudged my shoulder and indicated the time for me to get off my rear. After the nudge, I admit it, I did feel his jab in my rib cage a second or two later. But one tends to ignore these things with age and experience.

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How I Re-setup My Blog and Website using Hugo, Github and a Green Screen

My Website and Blog Wordpress.com and self-hosted wordpress.org are very nice and easy to setup. I helped my wife aladybird setup her travelog website - funderfulworld.com on a self-hosted wordpress.org installation. However, there is a big problem that I faced when it came to Wordpress installations. They are CPU hungry. If you are paying for the hosting then there sure is no problem, since you get unlimited CPU time. However, if you are a cheapy like me, then the free hosting sites scowl at you thrice and throw you out like an uninvited guest.

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